About us

Team Up is a unique entertainment park inspired by fort Boyard and conference center.
Team Up is ideal for company events, teambuilding, fun with friends, a family trip, an unusual party, school trips and basically for all people who want to have fun. The objective of the game is to complete 20 tasks/rooms, which will test your physical strength, mental endurance, logical thinking, team communication skills and team spirit. It's not necessary to complete all tasks as the primary goal is to have good fun together.
We have prepaired multiple levels of difficulty to ensure whole team will have fun.


Team Up will prepare a perfect team building exercise for you. Something that your employees have never experienced before.

Fun trip

Looking for things to do in Bratislava?
Do you want to experience action adventure with your friends?
Looking for unique bachelor party activity in Bratislava?

Kids party

Team up is perfect for Bday party celebration.

Conference & Company events

Easily accessible location, free parking and a modern design is ideal for your conference or corporate event.

School trip

We offer discounted packages for school trips.