Kids party

Looking for weekend activity for kids ?

Do you want to organize unique birthday party for kids?

Team Up is perfect place for kids.

Activity for kids takes from 1 to 3 hours based on your needs.

Option order table decoration for Bday parties.  PARTY PACK  

What does it look like

How it works from your arrival till the end


Prices for the game,decorations and drinks


All you need to know

The Game

*Family weekend price is valid on weekend or bank holiday for team consisting of minimum 1 and maximum 2 adult players. *Maximum number of players in one team is 5. * Minimum charged time is 60 minutes *Prices are including VAT

*We do not accept AMEX or Diners club

Party packages with decoration


*Party pack does not include game charges
Ordering Party pack is easy. When you create reservation type into the note field "i would like to order Party pack Hawai" If you require extra pizza and lemonade type into the note field " party pack hawai + extra prosciutto" When you arrive , table with decoration will be waiting for you. Pizza will be ready after the game. If there will be sudden change in count of the players no worries. You can add or remove extra pizza when you arrive.